Matthew Coley

M  A  T  T  H  E  W     C  O  L  E  Y












Matthew was on the road for about 165 days, and performed  85 concerts and master classes during the 2015-16 season! He visited Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Dallas, NYC, San Diego, San Jose, and many other great communities during this year.


The 2016-17 season will bring Matthew to central Iowa, Denver, LA, Madison, San Diego, San Jose, Cleveland, and other great cities. Additionally, he will do a 5-city holiday concert tour in December.


July 2016 - The Heartland Marimba Festival received a grant from the New York Women Composers organization!


July 2016 - Beetle Percussion released the Matthew Coley signature artist Marimba/Xylophone Modular Practice Pads.


May 2016 - Matthew premiered his composition Elucidatrix with the San Diego State University Percussion Ensemble.


January 2016 - Matthew joined the percussion quartet Clocks in Motion as a regular member.


The Heartland Marimba Festival has grown from being a 6-day workshop in the summer of 2014, to a 9-day academy, the launch of the Publications division, an 8-city summer tour with 14 concerts, and a holiday tour of 7 events in 5 cities in 2016. 2017 will see similar growth with the new HM Quartet, the HM Collective (formerly the Touring Ensemble), the Academy, a new Workshop, and Publications!






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